Dry Nitrogen Evaporator

·         Compact size table top model.
·         Precise manufacturing using latest technology – Water Jet Cutting & CNC fabrication.
·         Best quality powder coating for great looks & avoid corrosion.
·         Dry block heating, no water required.
·         360 watt dry block heating system.
·         Specially designed aluminum block for fast & uniform heating.
·         No bacterial fungal growth, No cleaning required.
·         Tank & body gap is well insulated with imported glass wool sheet to avoid heat loss.
·         Digital LCD display.
·         Auto – Cut off with precision sensor for time, temperature & gas flow.
·         Best quality pneumatic Fitting from janatics and Parker.
·         Built-in exhaust fan with blower.
·         Compact exhaust hose.
·         Front-mounted pressure gauge with analog display of pressure from 0 to 100 psi in 2 psi increments.
·         High quality pressure gauge from WIKA.
·         Side handles for easy movement.
·         SS 316 tank & nozzle manifold for durability and maintenance free operation.
·         Efficient & adjustable ventilation with built-in exhaust fan with blower.
·         2mtr 1.5″ID Polyethylene Exhaust hose for easy ventilation.
·         4mm flexible transparent gas path tubing.
·         Snap fitting 8mm OD Flexible.
·         Polyethylene Tubing for nitrogen supply.
·         5 Nitrogen Control valves with separate ON/OFF Switches.
·         50 nitrogen dispending nozzle in five horizontal rows.
·         Self-glowing Powder ON/OFF switch.
·         Overall dimensions with closed lid 55 X 38 X 30 cm (LxBxH).
·         LCD display of program number, set point temperature and actual system and sample/block temp. in °C set point and time remaining.