Autochangeover with Alarm system

Main Body : Mounting Plate – SS316
Parts of the Product : Pressure Gauge-Wika OR Waaree, No. of Cylinder-(Channel A:≥1,Channel B:≥1, Optional-Remote 3 Level Alarm System.
Application : Gases-N2, H2, Air, He, O2, CO2, Ar
Cylinder are connected at 2 inlet points. Cylinder 1 and cylinder 2. After turning on both the cylinder, the cylinder 2 will start first and when the cylinder 2 will get empty, automatically cylinder 1 will start. No manual operation required to do for selecting the second cylinder. Cylinder 2 can be replaced even if the system is on.
factory set minimum pressure for cylinder 1 – 6 bar.
factory set minimun pressure for cylinder 2 – 8 bar .
Note – pressure can be changed with the help of adjusting know.
inlet pressure : 280 kg max
outlet pressure gauge : · 16 kg max (can be set between 0 to 16 as per customer requirement)
inlet connection : 1/4″bsp hose connection
outlet connection : ¼”od tube conection wall mounting design. Saftey valve included to avoid any damage on /off valves included to start and stop the line
moc : complete ss
bracket : · ms powder coated/ss /