Main Body : MS Body

Parts of the Product : Moisture Trap, Hydrocarbon Trap, Oxytrap, Pressure Gauges, Toggle Valve, Pressure regulator, Internal SS tubing of 1/4"

Application : High Gas Flow application where complete internal tubing in the Gas Purification System is of 1/4" SS

Uses : Gas Purification System is required for purifying gases such as Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Air, Helium, Oxygen, Argon by removing moisture, hydrocarbon & oxygen.The gases are used for Chromatography instruments like GC, GC-MS, HPLC with ELSD Detector, ICP, AAS, LCMS, DSC, TGA, TOC, FTIR, NRM in Quality Control and Research and Development Laboratory.

  • Six different fi lters are available. Each fast-stabilizing absorbent is packed in a transparent and virtually unbreakable, heavy-walled polycarbonate housing. Our full range offers you:
  • A GC/MS Filter that delivers faster stabilization times for lower gas consumption and faster set-up time. The single filter unit with a combination of fi lters removes oxygen, moisture, and hydrocarbons from carrier gas for MS applications.
  • A Moisture Filter that also delivers faster stabilization times for increased productivity in GC. Water removal prevents needless hydrolization damage to the stationary phase, fused silica surface, glass wool, or septum.
  • An Oxygen Filter that prevents oxidation of the liquid stationary phase, septum, or glass wool in GC.
  • A Process Moisture Filter, process connecting units, and male connectors, free from any brass and copper, for safe use with acetylene in process GC.
  • A Charcoal Filter that removes organic compounds and ensures correct performance of FID detectors in GC.
  • A new Carbon Dioxide Filter that eliminates CO2 from supply gas. When combined with a Moisture Filter, it is ideal for zero-air gas generators.
  • Improvements to the absorbance materials in the GC/MS and Moisture Filters mean that they stabilize more quickly to reduce downtime and improve productivity. We have also
  • introduced a high flow connection unit that handles flow rates up to 20 L/min for collision gas applications, supply gas for ICP and ICP-MS, or any application where high flows are required, expanding the range of applications you can run. For operations requiring flows above 10 L/min, you can save money by using cheaper gas and by eliminating contaminants.
  • Each Gas Clean Filter is compatible with both the high flow and standard connection units.
  • All GC applications benefit from the use of Gas Clean Filters, whether your GC is connected to an FID or MS or to any other type of detector, such as flame photometric, thermal conductivity, electron capture, nitrogen-phosphorous, or thermionic.