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Workbench with Spot Extractor


LABORATORY FURNITURE - Workbench with Spot Extractor

Product Description

The Spot Extractor is use as local exhaust system in laboratories, pharmaceutical unit & production environments. It can be ventilated contaminated air so it protects both user and workplace safely from harmful fumes.


Pipe Holder It made up from anti corrosive material and assembled with pivot joint theary that can revolve free and easy to moveMaterial Made from Poly PropleneArmsAluminium ( Anodised) , PP ( Poly Propylene ) ABS ( acrylonitrile butadiene styrene )DomePP , PC , AcrylonitrileMtg. BracketSteel Plate with GI coated or with Epoxy powder coatedDamperPoly Propylene

Mounting Type:

Wall Mounting-PLF.72WT - 3 Step - Dome & 2 Step Dome

Ceiling Mounting-PLF.72CT - 3 Step - Dome & 2 Step Dome

Bench Mounting-PLF.72BT - 3 Step - Dome & 2 Step Dome

Item detail
Categorie Shirt
Brand JP collections
Material Cotton
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