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PRAMA Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Capillary Column




Diameter (Metric) Inner 0.25 mm

Stationary Phase

6% Cyanopropylphenyl/-94% Dimethyl Polysiloxane Max.

Temperature 350°C Temperature Range -20°C to +260°C

Length (Metric) 30 m

Packing Material 

Rtx™-1301 (G43)


Fused Silica

For Use With (Application) Crossbond™,

Oxygenates Analysis, Residual Solvents Analysis,

Volatile Organic Compounds Analysis USP Type G43

Particle Size 1 µm

Film Thickness 1 µm

Material Stainless Steel


Low to mid polar

Item detail
Categorie Shirt
Brand JP collections
Material Cotton
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