Nitro e-vap = PIPL – L12

Short Description
Nitrogen evaporators are used to prepare samples for analysis. Used in many industries, such as food, biotechnology, analytical chemistry, petroleum, and environmental sciences, nitrogen evaporators dry and concentrate samples so that tests like mass spectrometry, gas chromatography, and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) can be performed on them.
Long Description
Time Range 15 secs to 10 hours
Material of construction Aluminum with powder coating and SS 316 for tank, Rack
Rack Size 12mm/15mm/16mm/18mm/20mm
Water tank capacity 6.5 liters
Inlet 8mm push fit connector
Pressure 30 LPM per row at 15psi (approx)
N2 Flow requirement 150 ltr / min 
Max. operating temperature Ambient to 85’C
Size (Dimensions)  H = 25cm, W = 35cm, L = 55cm
Weight 15kg (empty tank)
Connection 220V, 2Amp
No. of Test-tubes 50 Nos.
Power supply  230 VAC/ 3Amp
Control Fully microprocessor based.