Double Stage Gas Regulator

  1. Gas & liquid chromatography
  2. Zero & calibration gases
  3. Research laboratories
  4. High purity carrier gases
  5. Gas cylinder regulator assemblies
  6. Hydrocarbon service
  7. Cryogenic gases

Short Description
A pressure regulator is a valve that automatically cuts off the flow of a liquid or gas at a certain pressure. A pressure regulator's primary function is to match the flow of gas through the regulator to the demand for gas placed upon the system.
Long Description

Inlet end connection: ¼” NPT (F) Outlet end connection: ¼” NPT(F) Inlet pressure: 210 bar Outlet range: 0 to 25 bar Applications: Gas & liquid chromatography Zero & calibration gases Research laboratories High purity carrier gases Gas cylinder regulator assemblies Hydrocarbon service Cryogenic gases